Spinning Silver - Naomi Novik

I'm not super great at writing reviews of things or really writing down my feelings about anything, but I need to get better so HERE WE GO.  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚


This was my first foray into the writing of Naomi Novik, but I have to say I really enjoyed myself. The characters were great and I enjoyed getting to experience the story from all of their points of view. I enjoyed how Miryem and Irina came to view their husbands in a different light as they came to understand both their motives and the particular hand fate has dealt them. Also, Wanda and her brothers are very endearing and I particularly loved hearing the story from Stepon's rather innocent perspective. This was a wonderful and creaetive reimagining of Rumpelstiltskin.


My only qualm was it felt really slow to start up for the first 30% of the book (I read on Kindle so I don't remember how many pages there were). But I was very glad I kept trudging through the snow to reach the rest of the story that the slower part admittedly did a great part of setting up. It is also possible that I forced myself through in order to cope (*cough*escapism*cough*) with a rough week this past week, but Miryem's love for her family I think helped me also work through some of the feelings I had been trying to ignore.


I highly recommend giving this story a go, and I look very much forward to reading more of miss Novik's work. ♥️